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I am a graduate from Université de Montréal, Canada. I am currently getting professional and life experiences in Seoul, South Korea. I look forward to spreading the word about Korean architecture.

When the Brands Take Over

        Much has been written about the idea of iconic architecture or signature buildings by internationally recognized architects. They are, and rightly so, often criticized for their lack of integration in the urban context as well as non-representation of the … Continue reading

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Global vs Local: the Case of Contemporary Architecture in Twenty-First Century Korea

       As I was concluding my last article (cf.: Architecture as the Built Form of Colonial Ambitions), I hinted at the Korean national architectural identity currently being molded by today’s work from Korean architects. Parallel to that development, there is … Continue reading

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Architecture as the Built Form of Colonial Ambitions

              During his February 2003 TED Talk, On Modern and Romantic Architecture, Reed Kroloff defined architecture as the “built form of our cultural ambitions”. [2] Derived from this statement, the title of this article puts forth an interesting point of … Continue reading

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Structuring Emptiness – Book Review

Structuring Emptiness presents two Korean architects, Seung H-Sang and Min Hyun-Sik. They both became famous as members of the 4.3 Group who published a manifesto about 20 years ago on the future of Korean architecture following the heritage of Kim … Continue reading

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Korean Architecture in Montreal: The Korean Pavilion at Expo ’67

              The only Korean architecture piece in Montreal was built for the World Exhibition Expo ’67. Kim Soo Geun, the father of Korean modern architecture, designed the Korean Pavilion.            Expo ’67 remains today one of the two most … Continue reading

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Myeongjae Residence

Probably one of the 2 most beautiful Hanok style architecture residence I got to see in Korea is Myeongjae residence. Considered as a front runner in the perfect expression of the design and ideas of traditional Korean houses, its sense … Continue reading

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Hello to everyone on Koreanarchitecture! It is nice to see this website up and running. I can see a bright future to it! Because I met some of you and because I am currently working on my thesis on “identity … Continue reading

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