About Us


Anybody can visit and read the content of the site, but needs to be registered in order to post articles or leave comments . The registration process, as you will find, is super simple. Just look at the column on your right!


KOREANARCHITECTURE.COM is an English only site. Korean characters should not be used except in cases of necessity; for Korean names for example. The choice of English language is critical in establishing a global community to discuss Korean architecture. KOREANARCHITECTURE.COM strongly encourages visitors to freely express their ideas in any levels of English.

The opinions expressed in this site are those of the authors and do reflect the personal opinions of the administrator. As well,  KOREANARCHITECTURE.COM encourages courtesy and respect in the discussions on this site. Hence, the administrator has the right to warn anyone using foul language and to delete posts that are considered inappropriate to the purpose of the site.


Visitors can freely write articles and leave comments on the board. When uploading pictures on the site, the suggested minimum size is 940 x 198 pixels. Also, please post images lower than 3meg.



Visitors are invited to leave comments on uploaded articles as well as post articles of their own on the board.



1. Use your English; don’t serve it.

2. Talk Freely; Listen carefully.

3. Help others as you are helped.

4. Engage, but stay independent.

5. More local & more global.

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