Architecture photography from Korea

Mark De Fraeye, from, is a photograph with a strong interest in Korean traditional architecture as well as Korea’s culture and lifestyle. Some of his work will soon be on display in Stuttgart, Germany.
His photographs are beautiful and he shows a unique point of view on his environment. If you are in the area, go take a look at his exhibition! A link to his wordpress website can also be found in the links section on the right.

The information related to the exhibition are after the cut!

 Architecture photography from Korea.

The Linden-Museum (State museum of Ethnology) Stuttgart Germany will show 28 ‘museum archival black & white silver gelatin prints’ from a great donation of Korean photographs (culture & environment) during the final stage of the touring exhibition ‘Korea rediscovered. Korean art from German museums’ from 13/10/2012 till 28/02/13. More info at:

Mark De Fraeye’s first contacts with Korea are from the 1980’s. From this time he’s documenting lifestyle, tradition and culture from this peninsula. In his photographs he’s showing traditional houses, memorials and temples and discover in the countryside the cultural environment with new perspectives.

Mark De Fraeye

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