The West Village

In early 2011, DJHA finished The West Village, a small building located in the West Village near the Gyeongbok Palace. A typical ‘rainbow cake’ building, a name coined by DJHA for a low-rise, high-density, mixed-use building type, this 3-story building incorporates residential, commercial and cultural functions vertically.

Large northern window commends a panoramic view towards Mt. Bukak and Mt. Inwang. On the southern facade, a unique brick ‘lattice’ wall in the Flemish bond, was built as a visual filter to screen the view of the building in front while allowing the sunlight in.

Residential spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors are partitioned by built-in furniture integrated with lighting.

DJHA is committed in designing and spreading the idea of ‘rainbow cake’ buildings to reduce the distance between work and home and to enliven streets by introducing commercial functions on the ground level, which is unpopular for a residential use.


About alleyrun

I am an architect and writer. I live and work in Seoul's belly of alleys.
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