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yumaju (2011.07.20)
I was reading some of the articles posted here and noticed that there are no further posts since late 2010…So is it still running?
Never the less, I think this is a great initiative by the Korean architecture community and hopefully everyone has been simply too busy these last six months to contribute!
 p.s Also just wondering who the host of this site is? Is there any one representative/ email address where I can
send enquiries? (just in regards to publicity)
SNU architecture student
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  1. admin says:

    korearchi (2011.07.22)
    Dear Yumaju;

    Thank you for the posting.

    As you said, the site is not dead yet. Coincidently, some of the contributors had a lunch meeting today regarding the future of the site; it was decided that the site be reborn as a more open forum for anyone willing to discuss Korean architecture in English.

    The current plan is to get thngs done in a month or so. So please stay interested.

  2. admin says:

    yumaju (2011.07.26)
    Thanks for your reply,

    Well that’s good news then. I will surely be anticipating its return.
    If I may contribute some suggestions (as an eager student interested in architecture and more so in the developments of Korean contemporary architecture), perhaps it would be good to also include young architects and students (representing various districts/ universities, emerging architectural firms) as regular board members or contributors.

    Currently, there are a significant amount of foreign university students that come for exchange to Korea for their architectural studies however it is sad to find that they are disappointed with the amount of sources that are made available to them in regards to the current architectural ‘state of things’. It is most difficult to grasp hold of how the contemporary architecture of today’s society came to be let alone the current discourse that goes on amongst the Korean architectural society.

    Although there are some magazines or article entries stating who is a well-known architect or which building is well regarded and such, there is no definite per say “Architecture Theory since 1968 – hays” version of Korean architecture (in English); a source that is reliable, easy to access and simple in its intention.

    Perhaps there could be a section on the site where there is a collection or database of all the good articles/ thesis entries/ reports etc…of Korean sources on architecture so that anyone interested in gaining a broad understanding of the current/ past architectural ideologies of Korea, can easily access them.

    It would be quite a lot of work required however I am sure many universities/ university students would be eager to help (including those from SNU).

    Anyway, best wishes for the next developments!


  3. alleyrun says:

    korearchi (2011.08.01)
    Dear Yumaju;

    Thank you for your comments.

    1. Inviting young architects (or whoever seems valuable) as regular contributors is a good idea; as a matter of fact, the current issue now is whether the site should go beyond that. You will be interested to know that a point system is now being considered, in which anyone with more than certain points (gained by the persons’s activity on the site) can have his or her own egg, a status symbol of a contributor. That is to say, the site will be reborn as a more open forum than it is now.

    2. The scarcity of English materials on Korean architecture (considered by many as ‘on the verge of being discovered’ in the global architectural scene) was indeed one of the driving forces in creating this site. We have a long way to go; but first of all, the site will serve its most basic purpose if anyone interested in Korean architecture visits and then finds someone to talk to. We will start from there.

  4. admin says:

    jlee-hartford (2011.08.15)
    Dear Everyone on KA,

    I am thrilled to find this website active and that future plans are being drafted. (This domain name was owned by Timothy Ciccone for a while, wasn’t it?) I truly appreciate the “live” current dialogues on Korean architecture.

    I first came to appreciate Korean architecture almost 12 years ago when I was on Fulbright research to compare traditional and modern homes of South Korea. That’s when I first met Mr. Hwang, Doo-Jin. (Please send him my regards; I was able to see his lecture at Korean Foundation on internet – what great body of work. Congrats!)

    I had a few discouraging moments when I first pitched a book on Korean Architecture to a several publishers here in United States. Not too many were interested in the subject. I took a break from the book by establishing my own practice and taking on motherhood. Now, I’m ready to tackle the “mission” once again!

    I’m currently working on a website called “” which will be a simple collection of key important buildings, monumnets, landscapes, etc. that will illustrate the evolution of Korea’s built enviroment from past to present. I’m hoping to have a soft lauch of sample pages by end of this year and apply for grants to provide a more complete website by end of 2012.

    I will keep you posted of my efforts. If I can contribute to your endeavor in any way, I would be grateful and honored. In the mean time, I look forward to reading your articles. What a treat!


    Juhee Lee-Hartford, RA, NCARB, LEED AP

  5. alleyrun says:

    eastrock (2011.08.17)
    Dear Juhee;

    Good to see you again. The lecture at the KS in 2009 really goes a long way! I visited your website and was impressed with the design, both of the site itself and the contents.

    I don’t know who owned the site before; all I know is that it was a certain American. As one of ‘the contributors’ of the site, I am pleased to tell you that the site is being restructured now to become a more open forum for anyone with interests in Korean architecture. Hope to see you often here. I will also visit your site as well, once it is operational. Good luck.

    Doojin Hwang

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