An interesting suggestion for

A friend of mine who is a lawyer told me yesterday that he had an idea for this website.
 The site could be much more inviting by making it more like an open platform for everyone, getting rid of the differences between the 7 contributors and the visitors. For example,anybody can have an ‘egg’, as long as he/she follows a certain pre-designed and pre-notified procedure, like a point system many on-line communitties adopt these days in Korea and abroad.
 I sincerely welcome this kind of suggestion and will definitely put this on the agenda for the next planning committee meeting of, scheduled for the end of July.  For your information, the 7 starting contributors are serving as interim members of this planning committee.
 Whatever option is good for the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of this site, we wil have to be open for.
I thank my friend for the suggestion. Hope to hear more.

About alleyrun

I am an architect and writer. I live and work in Seoul's belly of alleys.
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