pcs (2010.07.07)
hope this website will flourish to further the cause of korean architecture, also abroad – or especially keep them images rolling to tell us more about what you are doing,
best from frankfurt
peter cachola schmal, DAM
hope, you know where this exceptional eatery is to be found in seoul?


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4 Responses to Congratulations

  1. alleyrun says:

    eastrock (2010.07.07)
    Thank you, Peter, for your inspiration, first of all. We will continue to need your support for networking and contents building. A long, long way to go from now.

    Regarding the healthy-looking, low-cholesterol, magic-soccer menus…… ‘Cass’, so it must be somewhere in Korea. Barlin (umlaut over a) near Gyeongbok Palace maybe? Let me ask around.

  2. admin says:

    ralfzabel (2010.07.12)
    Doojin, if you are eager to find this ‘fine eatery’ located in the haert of Kangnam, please refer to my first article. ^^

  3. admin says:

    yhh (2010.07.14)
    I’m glad to find a web site like this. Thanks for the people who give their effort to make such a nice website. I’m a phd student in Architecture. I have one suggestion to this website. I think the website would be better if it supports RSS feeding like most of other blogs or news site. With RSS feeding, readers can easily detect whether there is a new article in this website.

  4. admin says:

    korearchi (2010.07.14)
    Thank you, yhh, for the comment. is putting together a checklist for revisions and improvements. Your suggestion for RSS feeding will be definitely forwarded to LOG, our web designer/programmer.

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